Animated Short Film Program 1



Nicola De Bon

Sacred Clockworks.png

Sacred Clockworks

Moritz Schuchmann



Imai Yuka


The Beakmann incident

Jared D. Weiss


The Princess and The Bandit

Mariya Sosnina, Mikhail

The dead hands of dublin.png

The Dead Hands of Dublin

Leo Crowley



Marco Morelli



Cesar Diaz Melendez

Les Autruches.png

Les Autruches

Zullo Albertine, Zullo Germano


CATnBAT - Evolition

Sashko Danylenko

The Sleeping Prince.png

The Sleeping Prince

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Brazen . Tove Jansson.png

Brazen - Tove Jansson

Phuong Mai NGuyen, Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette

Desire of Rails - Freedom.png

Desires of Rails - Freedom

Ihsu Yoon

Kiki The Feather.png

Kiki The Feather

Julie Rembauville

Dont think about her.png


Liza Desyatkova



Tzu-Hsin Yang

Women undervocer.png

Women Undercover - Yola

Aurélie Pollet

A film exploring shapes and light through the art of animation

"Desire of Rails" is a film to demonstrate a concept of the conceptual art idea and the look of the art pieces in real world. In this movie, I set the pieces of art in the gallery space I designed. The handrails are awakened and have the desire to pass the limitation which is given to them to just existence for practical purpose.

The experimental film Sacred Clockworks reflects religion through photographic animation of their impressive sacral architecture. Thereby the domes of churches, mosques or synagogues are treated like clockworks – infinitely continuous, embodying thousands of years of history. 

Life can arise anywhere, nature behave strangely and days can last for minutes. Although everything is familiar to us, nothing is what it seems in this place.

Stop motion animation in nature

Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of flying with the free birds from outside. When at last the door of the cage stays open, he escapes and discovers the big outside where it’s necessary to know how to fly. Finally, being a free bird, it’s scary.

Everyone has it,

"Kindness" that tends to freeze when cold days continue.

"Spring day" reminds me of such kindness,

And it is a work that warms me

Three ostriches, very satisfied with their lives, prattle with each other without taking notice of anything going on outside of their narrow world.

It always begins with checking their facebook profile. John’s ex-girlfriend is living her best life, whilst he’s still stuck thinking about her. Consumed by obsessive and intrusive thoughts, John must confront his own brain to deal with this inner conflict.

Three housemates recount an unspeakable event that took place in their home.

Cat and Bat are best friends. Every day, they watch awful television, get awful ideas, and get into an awful lot of trouble. It's a story that reveal painfully funny truths about human nature.

After hearing a trip proposal from grandma, Ha Hao and his grandparents venture on a journey to explore the fun places of Taichung, and certain locations that hold cherished memories of the past.

Tom would like his dad to tell him a story, but Daddy’s not available so Tom invents a stoey by himself, mixing all his favorite characters : pirates, knights, t-rex, cowboys. In this joyful mess, a little princess will be much more brave than the sleeping prince.

What if 007 was a woman? "Yola" is part of the series "Women undercover" which tells the real-life stories of 6 former Cold War spies forgotten by History. Away from the James Bond girls clichés, this show brings light on the essential contribution of these 6 audacious and smart women.

The story of Sidney, a failed pianist who comes into the possession of a pair of enchanted gloves. Upon wearing them he soon finds himself playing the piano like a maestro and all his dreams are quickly realised! 

Tove Jansson is the Moomin’s creator. These little trolls that she

creates to talk about the freedom and happiness to which she aspires after the Second World War become the national Finnish heroes, conveying her values. What if being happy simply meant living to create and to love?