Presenting the board of Animation Volda 2021


Ingunn Hønsvall Grønstad

Leader, Economy

I have always been fascinated by films, drawing and animation. I´m looking forward to the festival, the work is exciting and I am learning a lot!


Kyrre Walle Alstadhaug

Leader, Technical

I have worked on a number of shortfilms, and I am especially interested in VFX, and now 3D animation.


Sondre Sommernes Sætersmoen

Sponsor and Application

I am responsible for sponsors and general financing of the festival. I have learned a lot from this process. I love making films!


Simon Oskar Brandal

Leader, Movieprogram

 I am interested in animation and the relation with film, sound and history. I am experimenting and studying animation and design


Nicolai Wølner Voss

Guests and Website

I like animation, films and people. I have some relevant experience and think this will go very well!


Jenny Ulla 

Sponsor and Application

I have many years of experience in different organizations, and knowledge with applying for money to small and big events.

Juan Sebastian Rodriguez Diaz

Graphic Design

I have designed posters for multiple social events before. I feel very at home working on the designs and posters for the festival


Thea Henriette Hovind 

Graphic Design

I wanted to be part of this becaus I have always loved drawing, and I think this project can give me alot of experience. From before I have experience with graphic design at game studios.


Mio Karlsen

Responsible for volunteers

I am a nice guy, concerned with mental health and equality. I hope to able to help with making a fun and including festival!


Jacob Husmo


I have always been fascinated by animation, especially stop-motion. I think its fun to watch and pick out from all the different films we receive this year!


Sofia Therese Sørlie

Responsible for Vignette

Animation and languages are my two great passions, and if I am not with my grammar books, I am probably for find in the animation basement at school. My goal is to make a vignette that presents the theme in a fun and creative way.


Mathilde Bernhoft-Osa

Social Media and PR

I only have experience from my own social medias from earlier, but I like to try new things.


Jarle Styve

Jack of all trades

My role in the board is to help where it is needed. I have always liked to create, and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I started to experience digital animation and now I am here.