Animated Short Film Program 2

Inside the factory.png

Inside the Factory

Santiago Vitale



Luís Soares

Black Snot & golden squares.png

Black Snot & Golden Squares

Irina Rubina

Fall In Love - Bite on the side.png

Cécile Rousset , Romain Blanc-Tailleur, Adrienne Nowak



Yulia Aronova



Nadia Goldman

The Shoreline.png

The Shoreline

Sophie Racine



Clément Soulmagnon

Waching machine.png

Washing Machine

Alexandra Májová


Polka-Dot Boy

Sarina NIHEI

Self Scratch.png

Self Scratch

Julie Rembauville



Basil Vogt

Angry Dogs.png

Angry Dogs

Shaun Clark

From the manual to the cold and rigorous movement of industrial machinery.

An internal tour of the factory.

Made with wefts of electronic circuits printed in adhesive material cut out and glued manually on the support.

Marina really wants to sleep, but it's not that simple. Marina has lost her pillow, and the little forest pranksters do not help her to search at all for some reason.

A boy is suffering from a polka-dot disease on his arms since he can remember. Encountering some peculiar events, he discovers a hidden connection between the disease and a religious group.

A sad and restrained man lying on the bed in his empty room. Hesitates, ponder hypotheses in a cycle without deciding, stuck. In exhaustion all anguish equals. Another man is sitting at the window: he looks at him and to the street.

A small island off the coasts of Brittany; the weather is stormy, the wind is blowing, and dark clouds are obscuring the sky. The sun highlights the shape of a tree, a house, a passer-by, for a brief instant. Then a thunderstorm breaks out…

Following a break-up, Wen sinks into melancholy. She can't talk to anyone and therefore talks to herself a lot. By understanding that it is not the love she has lost but her confidence, she will be able to reconcile with herself and feel ready to love again.

A little something for the worries souls.

On a muggy summer afternoon, Aurore calmly contemplates the relentless rise of the waters from the refuge of her greenhouse…

We all have two sides. But if even the tiniest scare splits someone into a timid skin on the one hand and an overconfident skeleton on the other, that person has a lot of work ahead to bring their characteristics back into harmony again.

New to Berlin, Tess uses Tinder to find friends. So, when a guy invites her to a party, she wonders where the line is – could she even get flirty with the hot Swedish guy that’s definitely not her date?

We’ve all heard hilarious confessions about dating-app experiences.

Wash and love

When sleeping dogs awaken rationality quickly disappears

From the top of his watchtower, a firefighter scans the city, ready to brave all dangers. However, the streets are calm and peaceful. He is determined to look for fire everywhere. Desperate, the firefighter gives up his job. But one day, he meets a woman who burns with love for him. So he finds meaning in his life!