Animated short film program 2



Directed by: Tue Sanggaard

Animals is an absurdist contemporary short film about the transformation of nine people stuck in a moving metro. What seems to be a normal day quickly takes a strange turn, when the metro doors refuse to open. The passengers’ failed attempts to get out, descend into frustrated chaos. Losing all sense of rationality, they go wild in order to ensure their own survival.

A Short Story From Berlin 1977

Directed by: Marta Kacprzak

God is coming.png

God is coming

Directed by: Stefan Vogt

The film issues the relationship between a priest and his community. Told in two chapters.

a bus.jpg

a bus

Directed by: Wen yu Li

a bus from A city to B city

The third script.jpg

The Third Script

Directed by: Javad Khajavi

Of all the secrets, only an alif (the first letter of the alphabet) was revealed. And the rest of what has been said was an interpretation of that alif. Yet, the alif has never been truly understood.

Birth Cycle.png

Birth Cycle, a flip book by Zak Zych

Directed by: Zak Zych

After nine months in the womb a baby makes a daring and dramatic entrance into the world!


Directed by: Malte Stein

A dirty lake bursts its banks and begins to flood the town. At last there´s a good reason to keep the son at home. But in isolation, nightmarish associations start to mix with reality. And whilst outside the world sinks peacefully under water, a domestic apocalypse rages inside.



Directed by: Caleb Wood

A source of creation, omen of disaster.

Sweetie Pie.jpg

Sweetie Pie

Directed by: Claudia Röthlin, Yves Gutjahr

Sweetie Pie is the first dog ever competing for Olympic gold in ski jumping. Can he withstand the pressure?

Tom has a plant.jpg

Tom has a plant

Directed by: Thinh NGUYEN

Tom has a plant. He just wants to give away to the one he loves.



Directed by: Alexander Gratzer

While two uniformed den guards divulge themselves as spineless beings, animals carry on philosophical dialogues about important existential issues. At the same time the solution to one of the most essential problems is apparent: you just have to wash, peel, cut, and mash it. The apple.

Turbo Express.jpg

Turbo Express - ターボ 表現する

Directed by: All In Pixel

In a near future, where time is the most precious thing, a company called TURBO EXPRESS takes it very seriously.