Student film program 2

Big Boy.jpg

Big Boy

Directed by: Jonathan PHANHSAY-CHAMSON

A sketch of redemption for a man who grow up and deconstructing his first depiction of the world through poetry.


Directed by: Triet Le

CÒI (HONK) is a satirical animation about abusive honking in Vietnam. The film depicts motorists and drivers using their voices to honk to run pass each other and the humorous consequences which follow.


Directed by: PAUL RÉGNIER

After being away for a long time, a young student is coming home and is wondering how his friends will welcome him back.

Flower Rain.png

Flower Rain

Directed by: xirui liu

a young girls romantic fantasy fades to tears of rain



Directed by: Juli Tudisco

On the gorgeous island of Sicily, a sad bride-to-be sits thinking about her looming wedding. She observes 4 happy, free girls (and a dolphin) singing and building a boat, totally care free and full of wonderment, ignoring the conservative pressures of society.

in between the walls of perception.png

In between the walls of perception

Directed by: Pablo M. Ballarín

No synopsis

The Flowers

Directed by: Nicolas Verdier

Kids are playing in a large and flowery wasteland, far from the town and the adults

Tea Time.png

Tea Time

Directed by: Léon Moh-Cah

Alice is making her first shift in a little tea shop. While she is exploring it, she lets herself be invaded by the olfactory universe of some teas.


Directed by: CAI YUANQING

A mentally ill girl who ran away from hom and tortured by memory . oneday ,she came back home,but only to find that her family had moved away。its a story about the family problems influent on teenagers life。

Flower Found!.jpg

Flower Found!

Directed by: Jorn Leeuwerink

A beautiful red flower stands in the middle of the forest. When it suddenly disappears Mouse is very sad. Bird takes Mouse around the forest to search for the flower and other animals join in too. Then they think they've found the flower and things quickly get out of hand.

Journey To the Other Side.jpg

Journey To the Other Side

Directed by: YE DONG

This short film tells a story of a woman who was tired of her life and wanted to travel. Through the journey, she saw happiness in other people's lives, as well as pain and sorrow. All she saw is like a mirror. From other's life the woman saw herself in the inners, so she began to think about her past and present,and the way to continue her life.