We are an independent animation festival made by the animation studens of Volda.

When: 23 - 26 september

Where: Volda Samfunnshus

The new board is currently planning this year's festival. Come back later and follow us on social media for more information

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We want you!

We are a non-profit organitation, which means that all the work is done by volunteers. We need all the help we can get to make a memorable festival.

Why you should consider volunteering:

  • Unique opportunity to meet the people in the animation industry.

  • Watch alot of great short films from all over the world.

  • Valuable experience you can use for future work.

  • New friends and connections.

  • Free merch

  • Party!

PS: While you wait for us to update the design. Check out the archives of old graphics here: Graphic Archive