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The cradle of

Norwegian animation!


Hello, and Welcome to the new Animation Volda website!

We are a group of semi-tech-savvy animation students, who want to show the world what it's like to study at our animation program!

if you frequent these parts, you'll notice the website looks a little different. that's because some exiting changes are under way.

once completed, this new website provide an insider's look at our animation program. You will get to see our campus, get to learn about the ins and out of different kinds of animation techniques, and some of the many wonderful student works produced here in volda.

in the meantime, fEEL FREE TO

kick up your feet and watch our




which contains a great selection of different short films, exercises and experiments.



you could also visit




where you'll get to behold 17 years of festival history!

we hope you will enjoy our site, and we can't wait to reveal the new, expanded animation volda website!


2D? 3D?
Stop Motion?


Festival Museum

Wanna join us?

To read more about our animation program, and how to apply,

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