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    In Volda there´s both a hotel and a camping. The camping is much cheaper and has a very high standard as there´s actually a lot of students living there all year rund. The Volda Tourist Hotel is also an option, but usually fully booked during the festival. We recommend contacting SFS, Studentskipsnaden i Volda. They are close to the city center and probably offer the cheapest accommodation in town. Their rooms are normally rented out to students, but they tend to have a couple of rooms available for guests and travelers. If all fails, our neighboring town, Ørsta, offers camping, cabins and a hotel, but beware of the bus schedule. For bus tickets, download and pay with the FRAM app. This is a much more reasonable option compared to the few and often expensive taxis in Volda/ Ørsta.
    Bus is probably the best option if you´re already close to Volda. There´s no train station. We recommend Nettbus. If you live far away or traveling from abroad, flight is the best option. You can either travel to Hovden airport (Ørsta/ Volda), which is about a 10 minutes drive by bus. Download the FRAM app for bus tickets and timetables. You can take the local bus from Hovden airport to Volda. You can also grab a cab by calling Ørsta Taxi at 70 06 70 00 or Volda Taxi at 70 07 89 00. (Country code is +47.) The taxi fare from Hovden airport to Volda is about 200 kr/ 20 €. If you are flying to the Vigra Airport in Ålesund, Volda town center is about 1,5 hours drive away, including a ferry ride.
    Animation Volda would not exist if not for the wonderful job by our awesome volunteer. At the beginning of the semester we will arrange a stand with a volunteer recruit list at the Berte Kanutte building (on school campus). You may also send us a mail at or follow this link to the sign up form. We hope to see you there!
    To submit your movie, upload it to Filmfreeway when the entries are open.
    We will be selling tickets a couple of weeks prior to the festival. You can either buy online or at the pop-up stands at Berte Kanutte building (on school campus) and continuously during the weekends at the venues.
    - Sparebank1 Volda Ørsta, Gymnasvegen 2 - Nordea, Halkjersgata 1 - Sparebanken Møre, Industrigata 14
For any further questions, you can contact us at:
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